trailer• Buying a yacht?

• Looking for a day boat?

• Trading up or down in the boating world?

We are designers and builders of quality boats, whether it’s to a class specification or customised to a client’s requirements. With long and deep experience of both building and sailing we are able to offer practical support and advice to you in all of these potentially problematic areas.


Without appropriate knowledge, or with the wrong advice, it’s very easy to make mistakes and wind up with a boat that just doesn’t deliver the leisure or pleasure you were looking forward to.  This can sometimes be unnecessarily expensive or, at worst, downright dangerous.

Why take a chance with your money, your peace of mind or your safety?

We will be happy to help and advise anyone looking to buy a sailing boat from 15 to 50 feet, not only in and around West Cork but anywhere in Ireland.

Thinking of retiring or moving to the coast?

Our Sea Sure service offers not only advice but also the chance to get a taste of rural, coastal life before committing yourself.

Is life by the sea for you? Give sailing and fishing a try, talk to people who have made the change and be confident in your plans.

To find out more about how we can help you, and without placing yourself under any obligation, why not contact us today?